Top 7 reasons people trust Herbal Cures versus Pharmaceutical Fixes

The choice between natural Herbal Cures or Pharmaceutical Medicines
Herbal Cures work versus Pharmaceutical Fixes

There seems to be a rift in the world of Herbal Cures verses Big Pharmaceutical fixes that don’t seem to last. You have people in one camp that trust the Big Pharma without question. Some even take whats given without reading whats actually in the shot or pill. This piece is not to judge anyone just to shed some light on things we came across.

First I would like to thank you for spending time on this article my prayer is that you get something out of it and find value. “Alternative Ideas to pill chain stores” (we wont name names heh) are popping up daily. Did you know some so called Medicines cost more than peoples house mortgage yearly? We are talking 300 to 500 for ONE pill. For some the choice sadly is pay rent or get the pills.

You like me probably have underlying chronic illnesses that can never seem to give you a break so you searched the internet to see if there was any truth to Herbalists claim to “Cure what Ails you”. Let me tell you its a never ending pit of misdirection if you look in the wrong places.

I guess before we take this short journey to the truth I must say that this article is in no way Medical Advice please consult a professional before you try anything. Here at Herbal Force we value your time and health, and we want you around to read more of our helpful herbalism or herbalist tips.

We came up with the Top 7 reasons people trust Herbal Cures versus Pharmaceutical concoctions, although there are many more than 7 reasons to use all natural things to fix your all natural body but we will keep it simple

First thing you must understand is whether you believe in the bible or Buddha or even an agnostic you have to understand one simple truth you body needs fuel to run just like a car. Any new car has a users manual and in there it tells you the do’s and don’ts of how to manage daily life with your car.

  1. What Fuel to use
  2. How to start your car
  3. The Right Tires to use
  4. You have to use the right oil
Your body is like a new car you have to place the right Herbal cure in it to funtion
Herbal Cures keep your system running like a new car. Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels

As you can see from the example above your body follows the exact same path as your car and MUST be take care of it because you only get 1. Your entire body was made to operate at a certain level. Since us Christians believe in the bible I will use that as an example it says in Genesis that the earths green herb plant life is ours to eat, because we come from the ground the earth can yield everything we need for not only speedy recovery but prolonged youth.

Top 7 reasons people trust Herbal Cures versus Pharmaceutical fixes

All natural herbal cures destroys diseases and bacteria that causes most sickneses
All natural herbal cures destroys diseases
  1. Much more affordable: Your local grocery store has most of what you need on the shelves or other money saving outlets. In most cases that gives you the empowerment to craft your own curative medicines without breaking the bank.
  2. Your body can stabilize: Breakdown and take in the ingredients much faster and less side effects than conventional Pharma Products. Natures herbs are always best for you when possible.
  3. Natural Herbs empower your immune system: Plus bonus compound effects that will help in other areas of your body. Once such herb like this is Oregano.
  4. The well never runs dry: Ever try to get a prescription and it is sold out and they have to give you a generic version? With a Herbal regimen you will never run out of available reagents.
  5. You cannot tell whats on the Pharma Labels: Half the ingredients inside these pills have names longer than the Mississippi River whats worse is most people working the counter do not even know what some of the items are on the labels.
    Have you ever seen the inside of one of these Pharma plants before? Billions of dollars just for the equipment, (Who do you think is paying for all that equipment?) in contrast all you need at home is a pot, mortar & pastel and time in most cases. You can get a entire Home Based Apothecary going for less than most bottles of Medicine. Did I mention that the Ingredients are fresh and common in most cases?
  6. Big Pharma’s Idea is to keep you as a customer but Herbal Cures are meant to go to the source and regenerate what has been damaged in other words it’s meant to Cure what Ails you.
  7. Every ancient advanced society for 1000’s of years has had a form of an Apothecary: Philippines, Egyptians, Israelite's, Brahma Indians American Indians the list is endless. Its odd you do not seem them around much but times are changing again people are seeking the “Old Paths”.
The bible mentions all natural Herbal Cures
Book of Sirach is called Ecclesiasticus Found in the Apocrypha mentions natural herbal cures

Sirach 38:4,8 See for yourself

The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not abhor them.
Of such doth the apothecary make a confection; and of his works there is no end; and from him is peace over all the earth.

There are no shortages of methods to consume these medicines you can either use a Tea, Tenure, even some you burn as a incense. I hope you are seeing a little of what we know to be true here at Herbal Force. The world uses these elements of earthen power why don’t you?

Did you know Most diets fail because of the person not taking the needed herb mixes to stimulate the end result. Whether you are a body builder or someone looking just to lose a few pounds before a school reunion Herbs of the earth are key.

To use the car Analogy written above the wrong fuel will ruin your engine especially when pushing yourself. There was a study done by The National Center for Complementary Medicine on this very topic here is what they found.

Quote: Herbs are used as spices, supplements, foods, and teas to assist in weight control. Spices used in cooking (ginger, cayenne, and fennel) augment digestion, stimulate salivation and gastric secretions, and are antispasmodic. Bitter herbs (chamomile, gentian, or dandelion root) taken as liquids or teas prior to eating stimulate gastric secretions and promote fat and cholesterol breakdown.

Teas provide another way to incorporate herbs into the diet. Herbs can be combined, iced or hot, mild or strong. Quality green tea is a mild appetite suppressant, diuretic, antioxidant, and metabolic enhancer Herbal teas can also support weight loss and minimize the power of poor dietary choices.

The Amazing power of Tea to Heal Strengthen Heal and more.

Natural tea can have healing herbal cures in the mix
Powerful teas have Medicinal Herbal cures built in

I’m going to keep it 100 with you growing up I hated Tea’s because I felt they were too bitter for my liking even worse some tasted “Chalky”. One day when I was much older. I went to a coffee place up the road from me where I lived in Irving TX and I switched up my routine and got a Orange Zest Tea I know but hell it sounded too good. The smell unlocked all my senses and I could literally taste it before it hit my tongue. I was fighting a bad cold and later I learned the benefits of that wonderful drink.

I added some honey to it and I’m telling you I have been a tea drinker ever since, well the right tea’s I should say. Real Herbal Teas can enhance sleep and performance…. yea I mean that also. No I’m not kidding there is a tea to help your sex life but that is outside of the scope of this article. They also calm your nerves and stabilize thoughts. If you have a big test drink some tea to help sooth your active mind to focus.

We are going into a time where a small garden of Green Tea leaf plants or Camellia plant will save your life a lot of pain. I will list a couple of Teas you can use today to improve your life. One disclaimer if this is your first time going to teas for a source of healing and refreshment results may vary remember it took how many years to Jack up the Car, so how much time do you think its going to take to fix it? In other words its not going to come overnight, but as sure as the sun rises and sets you will get to the results you are seeking.

BONUS GIFT ABSOLUTELY FREE 2 Herbal Fruit Teas Recipes you can use tonight.

Elderberry The Everything Fruit: There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to the world of herbs, but Elderberry comes very close. There is a rather large assortment of Elderberry variations out there. As a matter of fact there is one in Europe nicknamed the Sambucus nigra which has extreme healing properties. Just a short mention Black Cumin if I can, it is in the same wheelhouse as Elderberry for it’s powerful effects (We will do an article on it later), although different families they get amazing bang for the buck results.

Elderberry is a game changer and a well kept secret to many. Supporters of elderberry say the fruit is one of nature’s most versatile solutions for what ails you. Tales of its many uses in all arts of healing date back 500BC years before Christ.

How to make Elderberry Tea

Ingredients: 1 teaspoon of dried elderberry
(You can add other herbs to this or fruits add during Boiling)

Putting it together: make an infusion for about ten minutes with a teaspoon of elderberries per cup of boiling water. Filter before drinking and sweeten with honey if necessary. Also feel free to add Mint or Orange to it Lemon is also good. Drink this roughly 2 to 3 times daily.

Green Tea The Super Charger: I'm a little biased when it comes to this tea for 7 years I have been drinking this faithfully and its done wonders for my digestion and health overall.

Its one of the healthiest drinks on the plant and can be drank alone or boiled with mint tea or Matcha tea. The real green tea raises your energy, and lessens your heart disease chances, also helps lower bad inflammation. This is a short list of benefits you got to check this out.

How to make Empowered Green Tea

How to make this: Add Green Tea Leaves (I usually add 2 green leaves per cup)to 2 cups of Boiling water. If you like yours stronger add more leaves and adjust boil time a bit you want it flavorful not bitter.

This is important don't boil more than 5–7min add in your Mint Leaves or Lemon Juice towards the end of the boiling. Now this is important turn off fire and do not drink it right away. Let it sit for a couple minutes.

End Step: Strain out all the reagents with a colander into another side pot and use the back of a spoon to push and smash the orange and mint together to get the rest of the goodness out. Grab yourself 2 cups and enjoy add honey if you want.

BONUS TIP if you add Turmeric Root to the boil to the mix you have just transformed your Empowered Green Tea to Life Saving Tea (that's what we call this version).

Well thank you again on reading our small article on Top 7 reasons people trust Herbal Cures. We truly hope this motivates you to new avenues of thinking when it comes to your health.

We will strive to give you more knowledge in the future on topics like this. Before we go there is another natural revolutionary product that you add to your tea that is making waves and it is all natural.

If you are interested in it check it out. What does it do? Well I don’t want to spoil it but what if there was a healthy, energy enhancer that boosts metabolism and burns weight? Yup its worth a look just in case you find value in it. Speaking of value If I have earned your listening ear then be on the lookout soon for our new platform coming soon.

This Article has affiliate links in them but you are under no obligation to purchase anything, but as always we appreciate the support if you do. Herbal Force always strives to give you the best help possible for your herbal journey.

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We are into Herbal Healing and empowerment through natural methods. Herbal Teas, Garden Herbs and harder to find herbs we bring the info that has been missing.

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Herbal Force

We are into Herbal Healing and empowerment through natural methods. Herbal Teas, Garden Herbs and harder to find herbs we bring the info that has been missing.

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